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Tech Support For Firewall

Compute My PC, a remote support provider, brings instant and effective technical support for Firewall at your comfort through the highly secure Internet connection. Our service is accessible through phone or remote-screen sharing so that you can avail of maximum benefits from your social network.
Firewall Support
Firewalls and proxy servers are designed to block your Internet connection in order to minimize the chances that your computer will be accessed (or hacked!) by "unwanted visitors." They also have the unfortunate side-effect of disabling many of the things you might want to do online like videos, music, play games, downloading, uploading, blocking applications, computer slow & hang, slow internet and many more which slow down the performance of your computer. If you are using a firewall or proxy, Arcade may not function properly nor will you be able to download and install all of the files that you need in order to use the software. If you are looking for expert Technicians to Fix the issues, you are just a call away.

For Windows XP users
Windows XP has a built-in firewall. If you are using 3rd party firewalls/proxies with Windows XP, you will have to consult both the firewall/proxy developer and Microsoft to determine their compatibility with one another.

Many broadband service providers are reporting an incompatibility between Windows XP and some high-speed modems. Please consult your Internet Service Provider to ensure your Windows XP compatibility with their modem and software. 

Our services:

  • Complete Tech Support for Firewall and Internet pop-ups
  • Analyze & Repair of your system issues and Firewall settings
  • Troubleshoot and resolve errors
  • Update and check all security to protect against online threats
  • Check Internet Connection, devices and peripherals
  • Optimize your system speed, network and performance for best performance

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